Business Blitz Media Event

August 26-28th, 2016 Milwaukee, Wisconsin

BBE Milwaukee

Everything a startup business entrepreneur needs to hit the ground running. Imagine being enrolled in an intensive business course where you learn and leave with EVERYTHING you need to either launch your brand new business or empower your dream to live and produce. This event begins with intensive clarity sessions, followed by business planning, mission, vision, and charter statements.

This will be followed by completing and submitting applications for corprate recognition. Day two: Lights, cameras, & commercials as we shoot a series of videos for your youtube marketing, site exposure, and oh yeah, building your website right on the spot! This will be followed by taking your branding and creating business cards, letterhead, site-branding, and collateral. As if that wasn't enought, on day three, we help you fine tune and invade your market after making your site e-commerce ready.

As a bonus, we will share with you some exciting and revolutionary keys to creating your signature product within a week's time.

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B.B.E. Milwaukee - Speakers

Sheila Harrgrove

Ceo, Clarity Inc.

Dana Crenshaw

Ceo, Business Solutions Inc.

Michael Orry

Manager, Graphic Solutions

Mervin Donohue

Ceo,Product Prob Inc.

Drew Adderborn

Ceo, Business Busters Inc.

Felicia Yancey

Manager, Giant Mic Inc.


If you have ever wanted to get the answers and get moving, this conference is for you!

9:00 PM

Bring Your 'A' Game!

If you want to get the most out of this intensive experience, you will want to set up a coaching session to determine the best way to begin, before you start this highly intensive workshop. This is not for the weak of heart. Your money will be well invested. Also, get the new E-book, "Banking On My Startup Business" to really get ahead.

Daniel Smith
1:00 PM

From Disparity to Clarity

It is easy to become confused when considering which direction to step out on in business. This is only made more complex of a decision when one has a multiplicity of talents and choices. How do you know which talent and/or choice is relavent? How do you know if you are headed in the right direction? Clarity helps you to find YOUR path. Without clarity, it's easy to mistake someone else's path for your own and waste thousands of dollars in the process.

Daniel Smith
11:00 PM

How to Incorporate Your Dream

Don't spend a dime until you understand the ins and outs of incorporating your dream. You will find that making money is easy, but keeping it can be a challenge when your corporate and business structure is shakey to begin with. Put your business on a sure foundation with a intensive course on incorporating your dream. Cousellors will be standing by to answer questions during form submittal sessions.

Peggy Orowitz
3:30 PM

Hot Branding Your Cash Cow!

There's a great deal of compitetion out there and you MUST stand out if your business will stand up on its own two feet. This means you need the right message that connects your awesome brand to your eagerly awaiting market. Your site content, literature, commercials, advertisements, etc, must be "Sticky". It is your job to become known before you are needed, and we're going to show you how.

James Frazier


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