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Site Maintenance

Chances are if you didn't want to code your site or develop the files it needs, you wouldn't want to re-code or rewrite its files. That's okay. We have just the maintenance plan that fits your site, and your budget.
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  • CC CP Maintenance Pack (CC-CPMaint)
    Just as no one can fine tune a Ford, like a Ford dealer, no one can maximize an Upchurch Media® site like our staff. We will maintain your site and give it the care and attention it needs to stay healthy. We have just the monthly maintenance plan to fit your budget.

    This is a monthly maintenance subscription which is separate from any and all other plans.

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  • AUTR-1881 (ATUR-1881)
    This Auto-Renew Maintenance Package enables you to experience a constantly evolving and renewing user experience, functionality, and engagement. Purchasing this package assures that you may have purchased the last website you will ever need to.

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